How the cPanel got its popularity with the web professionals?

cPanel is really unique with the professionals of the web just because of its simple GUI (graphic user interface). It permits the user to manage all the files easily. cPanel is also a great choice for the people who do not use the website builder and keeps away the hassle of managing system admins. There are numerous reasons for the cPanel being favorite of many web professional. With this blog, you’ll get to know about many features as well as advantages of cPanel Web hosting.

So, let us jump on to some key advantages that will provide a true advantage to its users:

  • A shared package: The cPanel web hosting provides you with a total control over the software as well as hardware applications. You have the option to shut down your server from a remote area and reboot the operating system in case of any need. You can also choose any kind of Linux Hosting Plans, which ranges from VPS, shared or dedicated. If you switch on to the VPS server and WHMCS and if you opt the reseller hosting package, then you can avail the WHM (Web Host Manager).
  • Monitoring the performance of the website: If you go for buying a web hosting plan, then you get the c-Panel pre-installed with the same. So, here you save your time which has to go in installing any other panel. Likewise, you can have the eye on your website performance. You can update the hosting plan as well as upgrade the resources while keeping a check on the number of resources used in the disk space. So, the users can keep the track of their usage of the resources for the specific server.
  • The Backup: If you’ve purchased a hosting plan via cPanel from any company, then you must be ensured of the fact that your whole data is safe as well as secure. You can take backup at any time as the cPanel is integrated with the software such as r1 soft and idera. cPanel can also be scaled according to the hosting plan picked by the people. You can also choose the suitable hosting plans such as reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated servers or other shared hosting plans.
  • More economical than Windows: Fortunately for many users, the license to buy the cPanel is not that costly. It is also one of the reasons that people prefer cPanel over the others. cPanel is the appropriate mixture of rightful applications which are assembled together to make sure the robust management of the website. The entire features are added in a way that keeps the different web professionals having different needs in their mind. Hence, whenever the user’s needs are kept in the front, no one has the ability to turn it down.

You might have understood the cPanel web hosting with this blog and what it has for you in its tore.